The Artist

Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche is a white Lama and practitioner of an ancient Buddhist Tantric tradition originating from the border region between Kham (East Tibet) and Sechuan, China.

Recognized as Tulku in Bhutan, enthroned as Vajracharya and lineage holder, TK Rinpoche has more than thirty years of experience with the practice of meditation and the inner arts.

As an artist and creator of VOICE OF NATURE, he intends to express the visions born out of his spiritual practice by means of deep, electronic sounds including psychoacoustic elements.

In modern times, electronic music offers a unique possibility for TK Rinpoche, to reach people with sounds that go beyond pure entertainment. VOICE OF NATURE in that context, allows for the audience to reconnect with their source of existence and experience the root of nature with all senses.