“RITUALS contains all aspects of a traditional Buddhist puja ritual.”

-TK Rinpoche-

With his first release RITUALS, TK Rinpoche combines modern electronic sound techniques with ancient ritual liturgies, merged in a unique way.

The sounds and arrangements created from these unique tones, offer the audience to enter a way into deep regeneration.

As a combination of mantras and deep, spherical tunes, the sound of RITUALS allows for a peaceful albeit intense experience. It can furthermore serve as a gateway to spiritual practices. RITUALS contains all aspects of a traditional Buddhist puja ritual, offering invocations, spiritual presence and guidance to those, who are listening. The work is dedicated to the goddess of insight and beauty.

All arrangements by “The White Lama”

Sounds and arrangements for invocations, spiritual presence, and guidance.

“Rituals” is available in 4 editions:

As “Rituals” CD Edition, “Rituals” Box Edition, Rituals Sponsor Box Edition and Free MP3 Edition.
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1. Invitation (6:58)
Invitation of Tara, Kali, Sarasvati, etc, Azima, chants in Tibetan language.

2. Calling (5:04)
Calling Azima in her form as the dark mother, chant in Sanskrit language.

3. Offering (6:50)
Presenting the Devis thus called with offerings, vocals in onomatopoeia.

4. Display (8:05)
The Devis respond with showing physical signs of their presence; vocals in onomatopoeia

5. Origin (10:31)
Prayers to Kali / Durga, praises. Vocals in Sanskrit language.
“Origin” contains female vocals of unknown origin. The recording of the vocals were given to me by a friend while I was in Darjeeling / India, with the remark, that this was from a private recording session without further information. Sadly I was not able to make any contact with the artist; I had been grateful to make connection and to ask for permission personally.

6. Dark Mother of Compassion (12:19)
Invoking and calling upon Azima in her form as Kali; chants and vocals in Sanskrit.

7. Mother of Insight (9:44)
Releasing the qualities and power of Sarasvati; chants of multiple voices in Sanskrit. Female vocals as onomatopoeia.

8. Meditation (7:24)
Resting in her sacred space.

9. Mangalam (Auspicious Dedication) (8:14)
Spreading the auspiciousness, dedication. Vocals in Sanskrit.

Releasedate: May 23rd, 2012