“It is here, there, everywhere – tangible –  VIVID.”

– TK Rinpoche –

With his latest creation, TK Rinpoche offers a glimpse of the visionary world of colours and sounds of a Buddhist Lama having practiced the art of meditation for decades.

VIVID is more than entertainment or just “please the ears music” – it is a journey into “Colourful Soundscapes” that opens up a new dimension of perception to the audience.

“VIVID recalls unique situations and atmospheres usually overseen. Modern life has become devoid of those special moments serving with bright and vibrant signals as guidance. VIVID provides space for these signs to re-occur so that the journey may start. ”  – TK Rinpoche-

The work is designed as an audio-visual installation, illustrating what can be described as certain key situations in life: Moments that capture a whole lifetime in just a second – such as gazing at a reflection within a dewdrop.

By means of a unique combination of sound and vision, the audience may experience the source of nature with all senses.

In that context, the sounds are merely part of a wider audio-visual concept but in itself already offer a highly spiritual experience. The audio CD VIVID presents seven colourful soundscapes of about 75 minutes length.

It is available for purchase in two different editions:

CD Edition: 12 Euros

VIVID Audio catalogue (CD plus 9 art-prints with prose lyrics):  26 Euros